Here are two sets of online tarot cards and a web game based on the Tales of Anieth series of fantasy novels written by A.R. Stone. The programs below allow you to view and play with the cards in a pseudo-physical manner, and to generate a variety of layouts and readings based on these cards and their relationship to the books.

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  1. You should make your browser window fill the whole screen when using these programs. They work best with screens that are 1920x1080. Be sure to read the help pages for the layout program (button at right side of screen).

  2. If you have viewed previous incarnations of the programs at this site, you must clear all browsing data (especially the cache) and then reload the program pages to get the updated code and other files. When in doubt, always reload the page.

  3. These programs work best in Firefox (Mac, Linux) or Chromium (Linux). They work worst in Safari. Although this depends somewhat on the speed of your computer, your browser must use your computer's native graphics hardware in order to display the animations at any reasonable speed. If you find the card dealing animation to be painfully slow, you can turn it off from the settings popup (in right side controls).

Last updated 21 Dec 2017.

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